The first trip by plane. How to prepare for it?

The first flight by plane is a lot of stress for many people. How it will be? How to withstand those long hours of sitting in an airplane seat? Do your ears hurt when taking off or landing? Fear has big eyes, and the reality is that air travel doesn't have to be stressful. How to prepare for it to enjoy flying? Here are our advice.

Before you learn about the detailed rules for packing baggage and checking in at the airport, take a look at the general tips that will help you prepare for your flight.

Eat a normal meal before leaving the house for the airport. This is important even if you have no appetite due to stress. Before the flight, you will have to complete some formalities and wait for the plane, which will take some time. When you are finally on deck and your nerves let go, an empty stomach will respond. Dress comfortably. The plane is not a fashion show - comfort is what counts here. Depending on where you are flying to, the flight may take several or even several hours. Put on clothes made of elastic, airy fabrics. For your hand luggage, pack a long-sleeved sweatshirt (or a light blanket) in case you feel too cold on an air-conditioned deck.

A long flight is best to get some sleep. A blindfold, earplugs and an inflatable headrest will help you take a nap. If you expect that you will not fall asleep - take a book, a newspaper so that you have something to do during the flight. Flying in an airplane is sometimes associated with earache or headache. This is because the pressure difference increases with the ascent and descent of the plane. To avoid this, bring a chewing gum on board. Chewing during takeoff and landing of an airplane helps equilibrium pressure and prevents earache. First flight by plane - how to behave at the airport

Check-in causes a lot of fear before the first flight. What is and how do I check in at the airport? Check-in is the process by which aircraft passengers check in at a specific point at the airport to receive their boarding pass and check in baggage. It takes place well in advance, i.e. approximately 2 hours before departure. Why so early? The point is that all passengers should have time to complete their formalities, and the airport staff could easily pack their luggage. This allows the plane to take off on time.

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