You are running late for work one morning when you realize the tie that you are wearing does not match the shirt you had laid out on the bed the night before. Not yet in panic mode, you quickly stroll over to the door that opens your world to dozens of fashion options. You open the door and look into a closet that would make Martha Stewart cry out in anguish during the middle of the night.

Your closet is a mess, and Wayne Brady is nowhere to be found to say, “Let’s make a deal.”

It is a small room, albeit an important room for most of us. The bedroom closet is where we keep our clothes, from cashmere sweaters to athletic socks. Since we update our wardrobes on a regular basis, maintaining an organized closet is always going to be a never-ending process.

However, you can follow a few tips for organizing your closet that help you avoid spending much time organizing your clothes ever again.

Categorize Your Clothes

When you have a mess behind door number one, it can appear to be a daunting task to organize everything inside. You have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is separating your apparel by categories. For example, place dresses in one pile, outerwear in another pile, and undergarments in a third pile.

Not only do you create broad categories of clothing, but you also discover which of your clothes belong in the pile called ‘Donate to charity.” After completing this first important step, wipe down the shelves, vacuum the carpet, and remove any scuff marks left behind on the walls.

Design Your Dream Closet

If you have the time for an all-out closet organization plan, go for it. If not, spend a little time thinking about the most effective design for storing your clothes. The key here is to optimize the best features of the closet, from considerable vertical storage space to several square feet of room to place the rolling dresser drawers found at Walmart.

Install Sliding Barn Doors

Manufacturers create sliding barn doors that work as well with a modern design closet as they do with more traditional interior design styles. Installing a sliding interior rail gives you the opportunity to add a sliding barn door that comes in a convenient kit. Simply select the type of material such as 100 percent Brazilian mahogany wood, and then customize the size to divide the closet into smaller sections.

Hang the Good Stuff

You might have enough room to hang every customize t-shirt that you wear, but you want to use the sturdy rod in the closet to hang the clothes that you treasure the most, such as the women’s coats offered by Von Maur. Hang the good stuff facing the same way, with longer clothing like coats and dresses placed on the left side of the closet and shorter clothing placed on the right side of the closet to create a line that slopes upward.

Color Coordinate Hangers

Matching hangers for your clothes divide your apparel into categories that keep your closet organized. Nothing says your closet is in disarray more than dozens of similar-looking hangers that hold different types of clothing. Color coordinating hangers make it much easier to hone in on a type of clothing that matches your fashion purpose for the day.

The Container Store is the ideal place to shop for different colored hangers.

Some Clothes Are Designed for Stacking

Organizing your closet is all about maximizing a limited amount of space. No other type of tool does a better job of organizing than stacking your stackable apparel. Items such as denim and sweaters are ideal clothing to stack because they do not lose their shape nor do they wrinkle when stacked on each other.

Stacking your stackable clothing also makes it much easier to find what you want to wear to work.

Roll with It

Some clothing, such as cotton shirts and polyester shorts, are made for rolling into smaller, easy-to-store balls of fabric. This strategy saves a significant amount of space when you place the rolled clothing into the types of wire baskets offered by Wayfair. You can also store rolled clothing in open boxes that sit away from the front closet door.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage Space

Every closet comes with a secret weapon that makes organizing clothing easy to do.

We are talking about vertical storage space. Something as simple as a door shoe rack allows you to clear out the shoes stored on the floor and put them in an easy to access rack that hangs securely on the closet door. Many closets also come with at least one shelf where you can store your clothing accessories.

The Bottom Line

Remember that you are not reinventing the wheel when it comes to the tips for organizing your closet. Simple steps like placing the clothes you wear regularly at eye level make it easy to grab and go early in the morning. Color coding your apparel is another tip that keeps your clothes organized, while giving the closet a boost in visual appeal.