What are cashback bonuses?

Cashback promotions can generally be divided into two categories, depending on what exactly is covered by them. The most common form is the return of the lost amount, although sometimes we can also meet with the offer of return not lost, but the amount played in general. The most common cashback is in the form of a one-time or regular promotion, but never includes welcome bonuses.

When applying for cashback, we can also come across a different division. The refund can only be for the bet, which is the amount we will play for during the promotion period, but it can also be for the deposit. If we pay $ 200 towards the game and play for 100 $, the cashback will be calculated from the first amount, regardless of how much we are going to play for.

Cashback on the amount wagered or the number of bets. The amount of the refund depends on the amount played, so if we do not turn over the amount, we will not be entitled to a refund.
Cashback from the deposit itself. It applies to the amount paid by us and is always limited in time. What is taken into account is how much was spent on the game and paid into the account.

Most often, the terms of the promotion are formulated in such a way that the player must spend a certain amount before receiving cashback. If he manages to do it within the allotted time, the casino will return the funds representing the appropriate part of the sum to his account. The most common cashbacks are 10% or 15% loss. It also happens that in the terms of the promotion you can read in what circumstances it will be awarded. Sometimes it is only the player's activity in certain games that counts.

The casino then calculates the exact percentage of the lost amount and adds it to the player's bonus balance. Then the player should use it within a certain time, for example for a game, or turn it over and withdraw it through any payment method.

If the platform we use also deals with the organization of sports betting, in the promotions section we can find similar promotion rules. Cashback may also include playing in a live casino. Very often also members of special loyalty programs, in which all regular players who often and regularly deposit and gamble, participate. Then the amount of the return depends on the level of the player in the program.

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